Monday, 9 April 2012

What I learned today (5): Hiring standards at Vodafone Egypt are low

Me, at my local Vodafone store: "Hello, I'd like to reactivate the internet on my phone."

Store clerk, looking at my iPhone4 with great suspicion: "You get internet on that thing?"

Me, slightly baffled by her ignorance: "Um, yes. It's been working for months now, I just need to top up my monthly credit because it has expired. It costs 50 pounds."

Store clerk: "Ok, let me check our internet plans." She proceeds to do some typing and scrolling on a computer.

Fast forward about five minutes. No really, it took that long.

Store clerk: "Oh yes, it seems we do have pre-paid internet packages. What type of phone do you have?"

Me, still baffled, growing impatient: "An iPhone 4. I would like to get the 50 pound package. It lasts one month."

Store clerk, after she has done some more typing and scrolling: "That will be 50 pounds, please."

Me, bank card in hand: "Do you take cards?"

Store clerk, now looking at my bank card with great suspicion: "Yes, we do, but that card won't work. It hasn't got the right logo on it."

Me: "Well, it worked last time. Can you please try? I don't have any cash on me."

Store clerk: "No, it won't work. Please come back for your purchase when you have cash."

At this point I just didn't know what to say anymore, so I rolled my eyes at her, and said 'wallahi, inti homaar!' ('My God, you're a donkey', a pretty serious insult around here) and left.

Another dent in my trust in the competence and overall intelligence of the Egyptian people. 

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