Sunday, 24 June 2012

Learning Arabic (2): 'I hate Egypt'

My new* Arabic teacher has got his priorities straight:

"Today I will teach you the verb 'to hate', 'cause you will use it a lot when you live in Cairo." 

(He's Syrian and stuck in Cairo because they are bombing the shit out of his hometown. I don't think he likes it much here.)

My homework:
انا اكره القاهرة
نحن نكره القاهرة
(I hate Cairo, we hate Cairo, etc.)

*Yes, 'new'. My previous teacher kept trying to set me up with his friends, which got old really fast, plus this one gives me a bunch of lessons for free because I am translating some stuff for him. Win-win situation. 

DISCLAIMER: Sarcasm alert! I live here out of free will, I obviously do NOT hate Cairo.


  1. heheheh meskin, he doesn't like it at all :/

    1. He is such a cheerful and happy man... ;)