Friday, 1 June 2012

Monthly roundup: most popular blog posts in May

Here are this month's best read posts: 

1. What I learned today (8): reporting can be dangerous
2. Picture post (9): At the polling stations
3. Picture post (8): Al Azhar park
4. Picture post (10): Day two of the presidential elections in Egypt
5. What I learned today (7) - S is for Football

My kidnap story attracted a lot of visitors to this blog, so it's no surprise that post came in on top. (My response to the criticism it received also did fairly well).

I promised more picture posts, which I delivered, and according to the stats you seem to like them, so I will keep them coming. 

Most visitors by country:
1. Egypt
2. United States
3. Netherlands
4. United Kingdom
5. Russia / Saudi Arabia

Thanks for reading!

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