Friday, 7 September 2012

The differences between Arab and Western porn

The Netherlands has a reputation for being a pretty liberal country: soft drugs are legal, just like abortion, euthanasia and gay marriage. One of the main attractions of the capital Amsterdam is De Wallen, the local red light district. 

Apparently it is also pretty normal to study porn. 

Saher Amash is a student of Gender & Sexuality at the University of Amsterdam. For his master-thesis he decided to research Arab pornHe compared his results to the outcomes of a study Marleen Klaassen did on mainstream pornography, also at the University of Amsterdam.

So, what are the main differences between Arab and Western porn?

Firstly, women in Arab porn are older than the women in Western porn: 35% under 25 years of age versus 61%. The men are also older  (7% under the age of 25 versus 43%) and in Western porn in general there are more women than men.

About 42 percent of women in Arab porn are moderately overweight, while 52 percent in the Western porn is clearly too thin. Western porn appears to have a preference for extremely large penises.

However, in both studies, approximately one quarter of the men have a small penis. In Arab porn there is more pubic hair. Ninety percent of men and 37 percent of women were unshaven, compared to 28 percent and 7 percent in the Western study.

Male domination

Unsurprisingly, males dominate in Arab porn: 81 percent versus 41 percent in Western porn. Mutual consent is less common. Nearly a quarter of the women in the surveyed clips 'resisted' by pushing away and saying no. In the Western study only 6 percent did so.

The Western study found 40 percent of ejaculations took place on the face of the woman, compared to 7 percent in Arab porn. There were less orgasms in Arab porn in general: 56 percent of the material investigated showed no male orgasm, compared to 17 percent in Western porn.


Many differences were found in sexual acts. A number of things are less common in Arab porn: stimulating the breasts (43% vs. 71%), rubbing the penis (16% vs. 44%), male masturbation (10% vs. 60%), female masturbation (17% vs. 58%) and blow jobs (44% vs. 76%). There were equal amounts of French kissing (46% vs. 45%), vaginal penetration (72% vs. 74%) and anal penetration (10% vs. 12%). Condoms are seen less often in Arab porn.

Violence is more common in Western porn. Spanking was seen in 6 percent of Arab porn, versus 40% percent in the Western study. Pinching (0% vs 16%) and gagging (1% vs 16%) were also less common. Sex with animals wasn't found in either study.

Arab amateur porn often consists of material that contains a lot of dancing and headscarves are remarkably common.

For the Dutch readers, the whole article is here.

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