Sunday, 24 February 2013

Documenting the torture of Egyptian children under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood

Here's another great video report by the independent Egyptian media collective Mosireen.
Apparently there has been a sharp rise in the detainment of children in recent months, and they are being treated pretty bad.

"They had beaten us so badly and I was so scared that I told them I had stolen 10 pounds*", says Zeid Taysin Mohammed Ahmed, a 12-year old kid that got arrested. "They fed us in buckets. Beans and rice in buckets."

Human Rights lawyer Amr Imam feels that "this is a message from the authorities. This is proof that they are waging a war on children."

Mohienour El Masry, activist with the No To Military Trials campaign, thinks the government is detaining and torturing children because "they want to break a whole generation".

*(1,12 EU, or 1,49 USD)

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