Sunday, 10 February 2013

New graffiti on Mohammed Mahmoud: 'Cops are gays'

I'm a big fan of the revolutionary graffiti that has been covering the walls on Mohammed Mahmoud street the past few years, but this new one is just plain wrong. 'Cops are gays', it says, next to two policemen kissing. No, Egypt. Just no. It went up around the same time as the Ultras Ahlawy one next to it, sharing the same shade of red, so I guess it's safe to assume the Ultras put it up. Not cool.

'Cops are gays'

I tweeted a pic of it yesterday, and somebody asked me 'how I feel about it from a non-Arab perspective'. I'll reiterate my reply here: this graffiti is obviously offensive anywhere, and not because being a cop is such a crappy job.
Also, statistically, at least 2 of those 74 martyrs mentioned on the piece next to it were gay. 

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