Wednesday, 20 March 2013

This blog is now one year old! Hooray!

Contrary to what the archive may suggest, I started this blog on the 20th of March 2012, which makes it one year old today. Hooray!

In one year this blog has been visited 25,914 times*, which may not sound like much, but is about 25,000 times more than the Dutch one I had before this (and that has now ceased to exist, mainly for that reason).

This blog has been visited by people from 51 countries, but most traffic comes from The United States, Egypt and The Netherlands, respectively. Surprisingly, I also appear to have some regular readers in Saudi Arabia, Norway and the Ukraine (no, not spambots).

The most visited blogposts:

- Reporting can be dangerous.

- The differences between Arab and Western porn.

- How to survive Tahrir square as a woman.

- What is blowsex?

*Excluding my own pageviews, of course. 

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