Friday, 3 May 2013

New review for Cairo360: Cortigiano - Big Italian fare in Dokki

"Italian restaurants in Cairo are a dime a dozen and even when there is no specialised 'ristorante' around, most regular eateries feature pizza and pasta as a staple on their menu. Despite that, good affordable Italian food remains a bit of a holy grail in this crazy city, as most medium-priced restaurants attempt to satisfy their customers with uninspired, bland favourites of the Italian cuisine.

Cortigiano is a chain of Italian restaurants, with branches in Dokki, Nasr CityHeliopolisMaadi and even one in Alexandria. Their branch in Dokki is a stone's throw away from the Shooting Club on Michel Bakhoum and can easily be spotted by the leafy green plants outside and the soft yellow awnings."

Read the full review here

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