Saturday, 5 January 2013

A year in Cairo in music

Well, sort of. One year ago today, I moved to Cairo permanently, after spending most of 2011 going back and forth.

According to my profile, these are the bands/artists I listened to most in the past twelve months in this wondrous city.

These are the three songs I listened to most:

"3, 6, 9, you drink wine. Monkey on your back, you feel just fine."
This is on what is easily the best album of 2012.

 "I sit here waiting as time keeps slipping away."

"She spoke words that would melt in your head."
(I know it's actually 'hands' instead of 'head', but come on, how much better are those lyrics when you sing 'head'?!?)

More favourite songs of 2012 here.

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