Sunday, 20 January 2013

It's not 2013 in Egypt, it's 1977

Cairo men hanging off the back of a streetcar
I was reading up on the 1977 bread riots in Egypt and came across this CBS '60 minutes' report from the same year (source).

This quote from the interviewer when he is interviewing Sadat is remarkable:

"There is not enough transportation, not enough housing, not enough electric power [ …. ] at the root is overpopulation, almost 40 million now!"

Egypt currently has 82 million inhabitants. Power cuts are still around and occur daily in summer. The housing issue certainly hasn't been solved, because "random housing and slums constitute around 40 per cent of urban areas around Egypt" (source).

"Sadat is acting like a dictator", parliament member Kamal el Din Hussein says towards the end of the clip.

Seems it's not 2013 in Egypt, it's 1977. Oh no, wait, the situation is even worse than it was in 1977. 

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