Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What I learned today (7) - S is for Football

Our internet connection has been a massive bitch lately, causing me to have to call those lovely people at the LinkDotNet helpdesk many times this week.
The problem appears to be that our router is resetting itself randomly, causing the connection to our internet provider to drop out and leave us stranded along the www highway.

Every time such a reset happens, LinkDotNet customer service needs to be called to help fill in the necessary passwords and numbers and tick the appropriate boxes in the router menu.

Fortunately the LinkDotNet helpdesk has English speakers, although in some cases their pronunciation could do with some tweaking. I had the following conversation a few days ago:

Costumer Service Guy: '... and then you fill in the ISP login.'

Me: 'Ok, what is the login?'

CSG: '02479853291, followed by R-A-B-S.'

In Arabic, there is no such thing as the letter P, so Arabs usually pronounce a P as a B. I tried to clarify.

Me: 'B for book, of P for pen?'

CSG: 'B for ben.'

Me: '.... So, B for Benjamin or P for Peter?'

CSG: 'B for Beter.'

Me: '.... Ok, got it.'

Costumer Service Guy proceeded to guide me through the ticking of about a dozen mysteriously titled boxes with even more mystifying options.

CSG: 'Now click 'next'.'

Me: 'It's not working. It says the login is incorrect.'

I repeated the login to him. Costumer Service Guy once again spelled out the string of characters, this time emphasising the letters.

CGS: 'R for Roger, A for Abble, B for Beter and S for Football.'

Me: 'S for football? But football starts with an... Oh, wait.'

I substituted the S I typed in earlier for an F.

Me: 'Ok, all done.'

Within five seconds after that, our internet connection was up and running again.

The letter V is also non-existent in Arabic and usually gets mistaken for F, but this was certainly the first time I had heard anyone pronounce an F as an S. Glad to have cleared that up.

Granted, my Arabic pronunciation is absolute balls, but hey, I'm not working at a helpdesk spelling out logins and passwords. 

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