Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What I saw today (9): Big eyed kitty

Big eyed kittie by Ester Meerman
Big eyed kittie, a photo by Ester Meerman on Flickr.
This kitty came to check us out last night at a cafe in down town Cairo. Unfortunately I only had my iPhone with me and not the 600D, so this grainy image is the best I could do. From now on I'll always carry my camera around with me, everywhere.

For all the new people: I love cats, so expect to see many many more photos of them showing up here.


  1. oooooo look at those eyes *__*

    1. I really surprised at how much light PS got out of this image. Granted, it's grainy now, and his bottom half turn greenish, but at least you can see it now. We should go find him/her next Monday and bring our 'real' cameras :)

    2. I *am* really surprised...

    3. I was very surprised too!and monday we'll have our cameras with us :)